Severe back pain

I'm 36+1 and am suffering quite badly with lower back pain, to the point that I can't stand up straight or walk without my partner supporting me under my armpits. I've just ordered a back brace but does anyone have any other suggestions to help me be a bit more mobile. Did anyone else suffer like this?
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I have stages like this, I think it’s from where baby is laid! Usually a nice bath, and a stretch and bounce on the ball, helps baby move and my body relax xx

You can self refer yourself to the physio at the hospital! The number is 01522 573945 just leave a message and mention your pregnant and the back pain

Thank you guys, really appreciate the help x

I can see someone suggested calling the hospital, definitely do! The physio is amazing she pushed my pelvis back into place and increased my mobility massively for my final stretch of pregnancy- she’s incredible!

I had the worst back pain when I was pregnant and I kept thinking it was normal pregnancy pain, but turned out to be a kidney infection, if you’re worried at all go get checked out xx

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