Low anemia diagnosis?

I had my 28 week bloods done a few weeks ago and just noticed on my NHS app that the results came back with two key indicators of anemia. I've complained to my GP and midwife about how exhausted I am in this pregnancy and have had an ultrasound on my heart due to palpitations which came back clear for a heart condition. A lot of people have said my tiredness and palpitations sound like anemia but after having my bloods done they keep saying "abnormal no action required". Does this mean even though they're abnormal, it's not enough to warrant iron tablets?
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I would give your midwife or gp a call to explain results. I got told I was slightly anemic and given more iron tablets so not sure why they would say no action required if the results are abnormal especially if you are having symptoms. X

I was told the ranges for pregnancy are different to normal so the blood results in the app might say something is out of range when the midwife or obstetrics doctor wouldn’t say it is. That said, if the results are on the low end why don’t you take iron tablets yourself? Especially if you have symptoms. That’s what I’m doing.

Mines been low throughout at my 16 week appointment I had mentioned o was exhausted all the time and she mentioned my levels were low but not enough to warrant any intervention but because of how I was feeling she prescribed ferrous sulphate. Mine have just got worse throughout 🙈 plus now my ferritin levels are low so on both iron and folic acid. I’ve only just started to notice improvements last few weeks and I’m 32weeks now. I’ve suffered with low iron for years tho so I was more aware of my symptoms from early on

Even if the midwife doesn’t prescribe something I would maybe recommend trying spatone pouches 1/2 a day. They’re iron rich water supplements Been told by numerous drs that the ranges for the NHS pregnancy and non pregnancy related are not great at trying to being proactive. Otherwise try and eat kale spinach leafy greens, other iron rich foods ?

I was right on the cusp of having anemia (104, when it should be 105) and they gave me an iron tablet prescription, so I’m pretty sure you should get one - I’ve been anemic before though and those tablets are so strong they make me feel ill so I just got spatone sachets!

@Maisie spatone sachets are the best!

@Lauren how are you feeling now? I’m the same symptoms started 16 weeks been on high dose of iron as my ferritin is basically absent and now 21 weeks still not feeling any better🥲

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