Standing up to pee?

My little boy will be 3 in June & has suddenly started to pee standing at his potty. It was so random. Has anyone else had a boy do this at this age? He’s my first & didn’t expect him to do this till much later (no idea why). Thanks 😊
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See we have a standard potty but we also have a urinal on the front door attached to the glass which he stands at lol

@Laura oh I didn’t realise this was a thing, will have to look into getting one. Thank you 😊 xx

Can get them on amazon for under £10

My boy has done stand up wees since before we officially potty trained so we just rolled with it. Within a week of potty training we ditched the potty as his aim wasn’t that great and just used the toilet instead as thankfully he’s tall enough. Saved a lot of time cleaning up!

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