Anyone else’s 5 month old decided they want to stand and not sit down? I didn’t think you could stand them up until they got a bit older but my little girl has been bearing weight on her feet all morning and laughing while doing it😅
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Yes!!! My son hates lying down 😂 he is always on his feet!

Yesss!! Constantly wanting to be standing, refusing to sit or lie down at the moment 🤦🏻‍♀️

Mine is not quite 5months till end of next week but hes been standing on his feet for while now. I've been encouraging it they should start to engage their legs muscles from 4months they say you shouldn't be putting them into bouncers or anything yet as this could damage bones xx

@Kirsty So it’s okay for them to be standing up on their feet as long as they don’t go into a bouncer or jumpero then?x

@Bronte @Stephanie Yes my little girl wouldn’t sit down today. Just wanted to stand up and giggle😂x

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