Kendamil or Aptamil What are your recommendations? UK BASED
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Kendamil :)


We use cow and gate at the moment and our little boy took to it quite well when speaking to my midwife she said most of them are the same ones just more expensive


Kendamil x

My first born (now 2.5yrs) started on Aptamil and it gave him horrible reflux. Kendamil was absolutely fabulous. As were their porridges too! We stayed with it until he went to cows milk. Will be using the same if baby number two doesn’t breastfeed too ☺️

My first was Aptamil and my second was cow n gate because Aptamil made her very constipated. Ive tried to breastfeed every baby but it just hasn’t worked out, I have big boobs and nipples and baby just doesn’t latch. This time my milk is barely coming through. Im so disappointed in myself as I was so determined to breastfeed! But ive tried Kendamil this time and so far so good, ive only used the ready made. Going to change to the powder now as Ive chose to formula feed fully now 😩

I use Kendamil

Cow and gate. Aptamil and Cow and Gate are made in the same factory and by the same company they are exactly the same but you pay more for aptamil as its a marketing tactic for them, to attract a different audience so they get more revenue.

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