TW! Miscarriage!

I’m so confused as to why two days ago I had a 4 positive tests (quite faint) and a positive clearblue saying 1-2 weeks and I’ve tested today with my first morning wee and the test looks completely negative to me. I am completely panicking as last year I had a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage at 9 weeks and in February I lost another baby at 12 weeks. I don’t know if I’m just stuck with back luck and I won’t carry full term or if someone else has experienced this before?
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Have you taken anymore ? X

A negative test wouldn’t show that quickly, it can take weeks for your hcg to drop back down if you had miscarried. It’s most likely a dodgey test or you may have not done it quite right. Get yourself some more tests and check x

Did you test after the MC in Feb? I only ask as the hormones can stay in your system on a small level for a couple of months so the initial positives could be residual hormones that have now settled x

It's probably a dodgy test, I'd try with a different brand. Maybe get a digital again x

I went to the hospital and had my bloods taken and my hcg level was only 13, they’re retreating again tomorrow they think atm I’m not pregnant but I’m so confused how I could have so many positive tests

I'm sorry to hear that, it is very confusing!

Fingers crossed your levels will rise

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