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Anyone been on any really nice holidays with your now toddler? Keen to book something this year after a dreadful experience in Turkey. Let me know if you would recommend any.
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What sort of thing do you want? We did an all inclusive in Lanzarote in January which was lovely and toddler friendly. We’ve always done villas in the past and the all inclusive felt a million times easier

We did tenerife last Sept.going to lanzarote this year.we did half board and went out lots of trips to zoo, on boats and beach.he loved it

If flight time isn't an issue, we love Cyprus and had a great time in Protaras with our son. Lovely resort, not rough, gorgeous beach with shallow calm clear sea, lots of restaurants and shops, they have shows on in lots of the pubs/bars (very family friendly!). We went half board and at the Sunrise chain of hotels, you get to "dine around" so you can eat in various restaurants in the area as part of the deal, as well as the actual hotel. Its a 5 hour flight though, always found Majorca is lovely if wanting something closer, 2.5 hour flight and palma or palma nova are only 10 to 20 min transfer! C

Can I ask where abouts in Turkey you went? I’m going Turkey next year with my two babies 😫

@Holly we went to antayla. Long beach hotel. Enjoyed one day of our holiday and then we were all so sick. Ended up flying home early ans having to pay extra for flights. Turkey could be soo nice but I am seeing a lot of people having the same issues. Check tik tok. I know another hotel has gone viral for the same reasons

Also please make sure to get Health insurance we didn't and ended up with a big bill

@Olivia thank you both sound really lovely. If you have any hotel recommendations from previous stays?

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