Playpen and floor tile recommendations

My daughter is almost 7 months and trying to crawl, so I'd like to get some kind of playpen for in our living room so if I have to briefly leave her (to go to the loo or something) I know she's safe. I will child proof the room as much as possible but there will still be wires and things to the TV. Can anyone recommend one? There's so many options online I wasn't sure where to start! I was also thinking about getting some of those foam tiles they have at baby groups so she has a better surface to crawl and learn to walk on (we have a rough carpet). I was going to get some in Argos but shout if you've found some you like. And anything else I should be thinking of? Thanks!
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We bought a joie travel cot for naps downstairs when little one was born, now she has cut down on using it for naps I have taken bassinet part out and use that as a playpen and put toys in it with her for safe space if need to go get something from another room. Plenty of space but not as big as some playpens which otherwise would take over our living room. Also useful for when we go away as she is already used to it so is familiar space

Got a hexagon 120cm x 120cm from Wayfair (safetots) and baby is happy in it! Was about £60. It didn't come with any floor padding though and we have a hard floor so will have to get one of the suggested mats as well or the floor tiles

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