Feeding schedule - urgent!

I am just transitioning my son to one nap he’s 16 months old and still takes about 16 to 24 ounces of formula a day with three full meals! for the moms that are still doing this - Could you give me some insight as to what you’re feeding schedule is with one nap?
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My kiddo went from breast milk to homo so a bit different. He is 16 months and has been fighting the second nap for months 🙄 so we started by just skipping the second nap and doing early bedtime... This was not easy on us because he would wake up an hour earlier. We would also push his nap later and later in the day which eventually pushed his bedtime back to 7/7:30 instead of 6/6:30. It's taken a few months but this is his current schedule: wakes at 6:30am breakfast with homo milk at 7am, water available all day after breakfast, snack at 9am, nap at 10:30/11am, lunch when he wakes up around 1/1:30pm, snack at 3:30pm, dinner at 5:30pm, pre bedtime snack if he is extra hungry of going through a growth spurt and it's always a banana, bedtime at 7/7:30pm. Our goal is to switch lunchtime and naptime so that naptime starts at 12:30/1pm which is when daycare naps

Been on one nap for over a month now. My girl wakes up (6:30) has some milk out of a straw cup (switched to homo), breakfast around 7, snack at childcare around 8:15, lunch is at 11ish, nap is 12:30, snack when she wakes up usually or a little after around 2:30, small snack after childcare around 4:15, then dinner around 5:30, milk at 6:40 before bed at 7:30.

My son has been on one nap since he was 13 months old. He's not on breastmilk, but drinks homo milk and water daily. He usually gets up around 630-7, has his nap between 1130am-2pm (nap time varies), then he's in bed by 7pm. He drinks almost a full cup of milk before daycare and about half a cup after. Not sure what he drink during the day at daycare but I know it's a mix of water and milk. At this age, babies needs about 2-4 cups of milk and 1-2 cups of water a day, so my son is well within that range

Not sure if this is helpful but my baby has been on 1 nap since 12 months. 11am nap for 80ish minutes. Bedtime 630pm. Wakes around 6am. Eats 3 meals a day and also nurses like 5x a day still! At wake up, before/after nap, before bed, and once in the night.

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