Gestational diabetes

What can I eat and what can I not eat? I been told I can’t eat anything I enjoy. I’m really stressed and upset
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You can still eat what you enjoy it’s just all about moderation. Lower the portion of carbs/sugars increase the portions of protein and veggies

@Simone I read I can’t eat cereal, pasta, white rice etc I been eating this stuff my whole life. I try to eat healthy but clearly I’m have done a good job. Nobody can tell me a good enough reason why I have it. Now I have to change my diet and do more exercise. I already going through a stressful pregnancy now I have to be worrying about this. I can never just catch a break and rest.

I found cheese and full fat Greek yoghurt with berries was good for me - but everyone tolerates different things so it’s definitely a learning curve. Going for a walk after a meal and before testing can help. Lots of hydration, low sugar digestives and rich teas were surprisingly nice. Granny Smith apples and 100% peanut butter. Up the protein and veg and choose wholewheat rice/pasta and sweet potatoes over the white equivalents, and try and stick to recommended portion of carbs or slightly below if you can. It absolutely sucks but it’s all linked to hormones so if it can’t be diet controlled and you end up on medication/insulin (like I did!) then please remember it’s not your fault and it should go away as soon as you give birth. Feel free to drop me a message if you have other questions x

Eat more high protein meals

I had GD and it was very upsetting for me too when I found out. First of all IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It happens to many women no matter their lifestyle. Is just because the body is having to do this reacts in different ways to many women. That's why... basically the baby is perceived as an intruder and the imunitar sistem at the beginning is trying to fight against it...there are so many changes in the body and developing GD can be one of them. Controlling GD through diet can be a bit difficult because every woman blood sugar levels react different to different sort of foods. You just have to keep an eye on what you eat and how that affects your blood sugar level. Reach out to your GD midwife and GD nutritionist, they will help you to manage your GD. Best of luck and be strong

See if your doc/midwife can refer you to a pregnancy dietitian.

@Charlotte so I have to change everything? I can’t enjoy any of food anymore. All they told me is I have it and I have to attend a workshop

@Rhiannon I all ready eat high protein meals

@Camden I only found out today. I have to go workshop so they can tell me what I’m suppose to do

@Loredana I feel like it is my fault. Now I have to change my diet and can’t eat things I enjoy

@Tia so I have to go on a diet? And eat something I don’t like or enjoy. Perfect. I’m only on benefits I don’t even have money left after I pay my bill to eat healthy food and buy all these new stuff

Depends what you’re currently eating and whether that spikes your levels - wait for the workshop (which explains everything in detail) and do a few days of testing and see how you go. They’re there to support you and help you. I felt like that too and it’s overwhelming to start with but take each day as it comes, and make a food bucket list for post pregnancy!

@Charlotte I eat pasta, chicken and rice I see nothing wrong with eating that. I try to eat more vegetables and fruits. I cut down massively I’m junk food

No ones saying what you’re eating is wrong - you’ve developed a medical condition due to pregnancy hormones. Some people find diet control works, some don’t and have to use medication.

That's the best you can do , I was suggested it since I'm high risk for it

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I understand how you feel. And yes. Is true. You do have to change your diet and eat what you maybe don't enjoy. But think about just for a few months. Is not for the rest of your life. I mean this drastic dramatic change. You will get back to yourself after the baby is here. He or she deserves everything that's the best and I know you can find the strength to do so. I'm really sorry that is hard this time for you but it seems that you are a healthy person so you do understand what you have to do. It's ok if you can't diet fully to control your blood sugar levels...I couldn't...they(doctor) will ultimately recommend medication at one point...I pray for you to find strength in your pregnancy journey

@Charlotte okay

@Rhiannon okay thanks

@Loredana it’s not that I don’t want to change my diet temporary. I just don’t have the money too. I only gave £50 left for myself every month and I’m being told I can eat what I already eat

I understand it must be very hard to find the finances for this too. Besides everything else that we need to live on this planet. Especially that we don't get much if we don't work. Is an unfair world that doesn't pay women to make human beings and is such a struggle to meet ends with very little money. You will see that every stay at home mom is on a very limited budget always struggling to find ways to get everything we need and want with little as possible money. I know for sure that not having a salary is hard. Is all about finding solutions to the problems not problems to the problems. And I know you may not wanna hear this. Cuz I wouldn't. I would want to hear a quiq fix. But with money is never easy without work or someone to support you.

Join the GD group on Facebook! So helpful at helping with recipes you might not have thought of

I used to make up sugar free jelly and have it with whipped cream as a sweet snack and it’s cheap enough! Also a pack of multigrain crackers and own brand cream cheese for a savoury snack

@Loredana it is very hard. I have had no support whatsoever this pregnant. No partner, family or friends. But I survived this far and I only got 9 weeks 6 days till my due date

@🔮Angela🔮 okay thanks

@🔮Angela🔮 I think I might enjoy that too

It can be stressful as you crave alsorts when pregnant 🤦‍♀️ but when I was pregnant I found out I had GD at 31weeks but honestly stick to the healthy diet sugar free jelly use to be my go and icecream but check the sugar in the icecream and always check your blood sugars afterwards like hour after you can baked crips ect xx

Not necessarily a diet, just be a lil more mindful that’s all.. eat less processed foods like snacks, cakes, candy, chips and etc . I’m on benefits too! So I definitely get it. Do what you can, find some recipes or cookbooks, I’m about to go get a cookbook now actually.

@Nikita okay I will do that

@Tia okay will do

Don't worry yourself too much about it. I've had gestational diabetes now for 3 months, in the beginning I got really worked up about it as eating nice things was the only thing getting me through after feeling so restricted to everything already. Top tip is try to cut down big breakfasts and sweet things in the morning as this can spike your blood sugars I normally have greek yoghurt, nuts, oats, fruit and honey for breakfast. If you fancy a sweet treat have a light lunch and eat it an hour or so after. And for dinner just make sure your eating before 7pm. Try and substitute sugar for.sweetner or sugar free (i liked eating sugar free jelly and low fat custard for a treat) My portion sizes haven't generally changed but I've always tried to keep it as healthy as possible but I'm also not perfect. As long as your morning readings are perfect you'll be laughing for the rest of the day. You will get the hang of things in the end. My baba is healthy weight and due in 2 weeks time 🥰

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