Cows milk on holiday

We're going on holiday at the beginning of June and I'm a little confused how my baby will have cows milk while away? Do I take cartons of cows milk in my hold luggage? I'm worried about giving my girl milk out there as don't want her to get an upset tummy... Starting to freak out at all to remember to pack and do 😱
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Which country are you going to?

We’ve used cows milk in Greece twice and been fine but if you’re unsure you could use milk alts like oat, almond etc. If you’re going to a main resort type I’d say you should be ok but obviously up to you and what you think is best x

Or as an alternative you could bring a box of formula with you so you can make up milk there if when you get there you are uncomfortable buying cows milk locally instead of worrying about bringing tons of milk with you

We're going to Portugal. We have a villa with my partners family so will be needing to buy a food shop when we're there. I'm just worried that after not having formula for so long she won't want it again? Thanks for the advice x

We are going to Egypt next month and we are taking some stage 3 toddler milk. I will start giving her some about a week or so before we go x

Also order it to collect from the airport so you don’t have to worry about it in your suitcase etc x

Sorry if this sounds stupid but why can’t you just buy normal cows milk at a store in Portugal?

@Kristine in some countries the milk isn’t pasteurised and it’s not recommended until around the age of 4/5 x

They make a stage 3 one now so might be worth giving it a go if your going in three weeks and are worried could trial it at home before going take some of the stress off

@C yeah I get that, that’s why I asked which country. I don’t know specifically about Portugal but I’m pretty sure most of Europe is fine, no? Good to check of course.

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