Just a holiday packing rant

Does anyone find it ridiculous that most Airlines don’t really allow baggage allowance for baby- I mean after nappies, swimming nappies, food, clothes, medicine, swimming floats, toys, sterilising equipment, bottles, formula tub (just to name a few) an additional suitcase is needed. I’m grateful for the pram and one small baby bag to be allowed but they should really allow an extra suitcase for an infant, even if it’s just 10kg
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If you book with british airways and you check in an adult suitcase you get 23kg checked for baby for free! But tbh every airline needs to offer more than that Tui offer 10kg for baby

If you're flying in daytime hours, you can do Boots click and collect at the airport for nappies/ formula/ shampoo etc saves weight in suitcase and doesn't count towards your handluggage allowance :)

Different airlines offer different weight allowances but it defo should be better you need more weight these tiny humans come with so much!!!

Emerites give you 10kg, hand luggage and stroller for baby

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