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Hi mamas I feel silly putting this post up but my little one has just had his 3rd injection a few hours ago. They say to give him Calpol every 4-6 hours but it looks like he doesn’t need it? Do I have to give him it,? He does have a-bit of a temp but easily sorted once piece of clothing has been removed.
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Its recommended to stop a severe fever from developing later

I would keep giving Calpol I’ve been told that he is unlikely to develop fever after the second injection and I haven’t given calpol after. 6 hours later and fever was 38.7 which is very hard to manage! Took an hour for his temperature to stabilise. On the third go I just gave him calpol as intended and he was fine

Keep giving the calpol However - this is kinda optional If theres no fever theres no fever My girl got one on jab 3 but nothing jab one and two

They say do it cos its very very common

On the 1st and 3rd set of vaccinations the calpol is to prevent a fever (confusing because with the 2nd vaccination the calpol is only given if baby has a fever). No need to wake baby up in order to give it though xx

Thank you everyone :)

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