Serious question! Can we eat grapes and smoked salmon? I’ve heard we can’t have either when pregnant and I’m not sure why on the grapes part? 😂
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As long as it’s cooked you can have salmon and grapes are fine

I just live life by the NHS website. Ever unsure just look on there :) But cooked salmon is fine and so are grapes x

Yes to both. Cooked salmon fine. Not sushi salmon

Smoked salmon avoid, cooked salmon it’s fine as well as grapes 🍇

Hahahah.. I sit in bed some nights and demolish a whole pack of salami 😂

Grapes can be OK... but you'll soon know if they don't agree with you or baby. They mainly cause stomach upset for some people.

Not smoked salmon if just the raw kind, never heard about the grapes! Someone is having you on with that one!

Grapes 🍇 have been my craving so I hope so 😂

In regards to grapes I’ve read that it’s purple/red that’s to be avoided as the skin contains a toxic compound. I asked my midwife and she said green grapes are the best choice anyway :)

Thank you girls! I’ve been wanting a smoked salmon with cream cheese and lots of lemon but guess that will have to wait! Haha but I’m happy that I can have my green grapes with cheese again 😍x

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