Roommate stage

Anyone knows how long does it last? I'm 6m pp and everyday is getting worst. The only contact we make is goodbye/back home kiss, and small conversation about the baby. He doesnt ask me how was my day or doesn't want to listen when I tell him because " I already deal with enough shit at work to have more at home". (Literally he wants to get home and find me in good mood and a smile)
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Maybe when the baby has gone to sleep have a conversation with you OH and tell him how you’re feeling and try opening a dialogue. Maybe a date night to try and get that spark back

Oh its so hard isn't it. I don't know how long it lasts but my baby isn't sleeping well enough for us to try anything. Keep mentioning that you have needs too. He needs you smiling and ready? Well you also need emotional support in order for you to be able to provide that. It's not the 1950s you're not a stepford wife. I kept asking for conversations to explain my need for a relationship not roommates and this resulted in me literally asking for physical affection more and the second I manage to put baby down I go for cuddles. Usually baby starts screaming 2 mins later lol like he knows and gets jealous 🙈😅 but it's better than nothing. If baby is in high chair or play pen excellent time to prioritise initiating affection over getting dishes washed up. It should build over time and eventually he should start initiating affection as well. I was told no serious decisions in first year pp so maybe it gets better after 12 mo?

Maybe he is overwhelmed If I was you, I would ask him what is happened at work and be supportive for a few days. This will pay Back and he will support you.

My roommate phase lasted 3months in this way. We are not perfect team but we are a couple again 😄

@Jessica baby only sleeps in bed with us and I have to be there. Like, he has to smell me, feel me, if not he wakes 🙃🙃

@Alex its awful! The thing is Its me who always go to him for a kiss, hug, some interaction. And I want to see him for once coming to me and give me a fkng hug! 🥲 But yea, I agree with that, no big decisions until 12m

@Adele we worked at the same company (well Im on maternity right now). And its a joke, you cant take that job seriously, so I know is nothing realted with work. Tbh Im starting to feel like ia because of me, he loves me but he prob doesnt like me anymore. I've never been slim in my life but also I've nevr been this fat either

I think it's more attitude than look, if may I. We think and feel loved when the other person makes us happy and feel loved, if it makes sense?

@Adele Totally, tbh I feel like invisible to him since I gave birth. We've had sex since, we kiss good morning and good night, but it just weird, idk

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