Hi! Can someone please explain electrolytes to me? I've just wanted a video where someone made water with lemon squeezed into it and kosher salt and it helped supply but I literally only eat pineapple and strawberry (not keen on lemon!) and sports drinks I hate so not sure what else I can do for electrolytes and if these are important? I'm UK based
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Electrolytes aren't essential with breastfeeding, they just help with hydration. So if you're drinking plenty you will be fine 😊 you can buy electrolyte powder which comes in different flavours if you wish to try

That makes sense. Electrolytes not only help with hydration but with fluid balance and also blood flow. I think the only way someone would see a big improvement with milk production is if they are depleted of a certain electrolyte and they replace it.

Adding electrolytes basically helps make sure your body is absorbing the water better and it’s not just passing right through you. You can be drinking a ton of water, but peeing it out and therefore not actually effectively hydrating your body. So I get my electrolytes through packets that I add to my water, the Liquid IV brand makes several good flavors.

Yes 100% what @Jessica said! And I also prefer the liquid iv brand

Most things like Powerade or Gatorade and there are other electrolyte drinks but as other say it helps balance and maintain proper hydration levels in body

Since electrolytes help your body soak up more of the water you drink, that in turn would help breastmilk supply since you have more water in your body to go to making milk. Adding a sprinkle of a good quality salt(not iodized table salt) and a form of sugar to your water is all you need. Celtic salt and agave syrup are my favorite.

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