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Anyone else had their 2 week check up and your baby isn’t at their birth weight? My little boy was born 6lb 8oz and he’s only 6lb 4oz…we exclusively breastfeed and he averages about 18 to 24 feeds in a 24hr period. No idea what I’m doing wrong ☹️
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You're doing nothing wrong mama. Weight loss is very common in babies in the first couple of weeks. Keep going! You will find next time he probably has gained! Xxxxx

@Leanne Thank you for your comment, means a lot. I really hope so! Xxxxx

Haven't had a check myself as baby not here yet, but in antenatal classes was told the same thing that Leanne says. Most babies weight drops slightly in the first week or so and then picks up from there xx

Stay strong! If baby is happy and healthy and you're meeting the markers for their feeding and nappies, the weight on the scales is only one factor. I had a midwife bring a table out to "work out what box to put us in" for her weightloss. Really stressed me out unnecessarily because it is ultimately outside of our control, all other factors were on track so there is no need to get caught up on one aspect 😒

@Nadia Thank you, hopefully we will see some more weight gain next week. Good luck with your birth and the rest of your pregnancy xx

@Emma Thank you! I’m pretty sure we are, he averages about 18 - 24 feeds in 24 hours (20-30 minutes each) and about 12 nappies in 24 hours so I know he’s getting the milk. That’s awful! Such a strange way to put it, that would stress me out too :( yeah absolutely, I just worry

With my first, she lost a lot of weight (over 13% after birth) and didn’t hit her birth weight of 8lb until she was 3 months old. She is a happy, healthy but petite little 2 year old now ☺️

@Lauren Oh bless you! I would of been in bits, I’m glad she’s okay now though ☺️

It was super stressful, we had the HV every week for the first 5 months weighing her before she took a step back and let us have a few weeks without the pressure. I think she got a lot of backlash from the dietician and others for it but we needed that relief too. I completely sympathise with how you’re feeling but you’re doing nothing wrong! I also did not let anyone pressure me into giving formula to boost her weight, especially in those early days. You are both doing amazing, remember that x

@Lauren I can imagine, that must have been a lot on you but you did it Mama! Of course, just time to get into your routine and focus on yourself and bubs. Thank you, I’m always quick to blame myself but if there was cause for concern then today’s outcome would have been very different. Luckily nobody’s mentioned formula, if anything they seem keen for me to continue breastfeeding. Thank you, really appreciated:) as are you x

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