Do you wash & sterilise your pump after every time you use it?

Do you have to wash & sterilise your pump after every time you use it? for some reason i feel like i remember someone saying you can put it in the fridge for 24hr before you need to wash / sterilise it again but im not sure if thats right? i gave the Medela manual pump
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I give mine a good clean with hot soapy water after every use but I only sterilise it once every 24 hours! Not a clue where my instructions are for my pump but im sure that’s what it said🤣

I wash with soap and water once a day. Then I refrigerate the rest of the day

I will also wipe them out after so there is no milk left

I just stick mine in the fridge in a freezer bag then I wash and sterilize on the the 3rd day

I'm paranoid so I wash then sterilise after every use.

I just wash with soapy water after I use it. I’ve never sterilized 😬 I feel like since I just use it at home and it’s just my breast milk and my body there’s no germs that would harm my baby, as long as I wash it right away and don’t let the milk sit for long. Sometimes I even just use the dapple pump wipes lol. I never sterilize anything other than her pacifiers

once every 24 hours then wash after each use or pop it in the fridge in a freezer bag

When I was exclusively pumping I would put it in the fridge and wash it every two to three pumps. I never sterilized it

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