Unsuccessful sweep

Just went for my sweep at 40 weeks - cervix was completely closed and still posterior. I’d been so excited so I’ve just sat in the car crying outside the doctors. I know it’s silly but I was so hopeful it’d get things started.
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Anything can happen! One minute it may be closed but give it an hour and it might be a different ball game! I’m sorry it wasn’t the outcome you wanted but relax, make the most of you time and get those oxytocin levels up! X

I’ve just had the same thing! Feel the exact same way! I love being pregnant and growing my baby but boy am I tired! I had such high hopes for the sweep and now just feel so deflated and down it feels like he’s never going to come! Hope you’re okay and hopefully baby decides to join you soon🤍

I had the same thing yesterday 🩷 sending you so much love. I’ve just had to rethink and understand that this is baby’s way of telling me they just aren’t there yet and need a little bit more time xxx whatever happens baby will be with you within the next two weeks xxx For now build up that oxytocin as best as you can !! Maybe a nice lunch treat yourself in some way xxx Remember only 5% of baby’s come on due date. And 75% of baby’s come after their due date (first time ) But most importantly a lot can change in a day xxx Sending you love x

I honestly don’t think it means anything. I had my sweep Monday. Was told I was 1cm dilated and cervix was mid to anterior and very thin and still not a sign. I got my hopes up thinking he’d be here soon after and he’s still very comfy. Just got to let our bodies do what it needs to do. Hope you’re okay ❤️

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