Can you offer me some advice please??

Hey mamas! This is a bit of a long and tricky one for me, my little girl turned 6 months on the 3rd. She has 8oz bottles 4x a day - so every 4 hours (she doesn’t wake for one at night) she has recently started to cry when it’s all gone, however, I don’t think this is down to hunger because if I leave her playing with the bottle or if she is distracted she doesn’t cry! She has also been getting weaned for a while tbh but she now has meals so, she has breakfast (7.30am with bottle) and also has dinner (6pm) I know she js missing a few oz going by the box, so really my question is, would you up to 9oz 4x per day instead of 8oz. She did move to 8oz early and she did with the 7oz too etc. she is a big baby, however not chunky and my concern is that if I up her oz she will end up being ‘over weight’ and I will be told to limit her food, surly she should be wanting less oz seen as she is eating solids? Feel like I’m in a catch 22 cos people will be so quick to say ‘mummy is starving you’ cos she cries after the bottle but genuinely I don’t think it’s hunger, I have tried her with a 9oz before and she still does it.
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Does she have 4x 8oz bottles, plus food?

@Vikki yeah

My baby is having about the same amount

I've just upped to 8oz from 7 and the exact same but noticed if I give him a bit of time he does stop crying for it. Also he downs the bottle in about 5 minutes. I think it just takes him a while to register he's full drinking it so quickly which may he similar?

I’d up to 9oz and see if she finishes it? If she does she is still hungry. It’s best if they’re leaving a half oz so you know they’re full. Until they are 12 months solid food should have no impact on their nutrition or how much milk you offer - all of their calories and nutrients come from their milk. Highly unlikely she’ll get “overweight” as a result. Babies don’t tend to have milk for greed, only need. It’s feeding high amounts of calorie dense solids that you need to watch for in terms of bad weight gain

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