My 19 week old has just recovered from a cold/flu and this morning one eye was really runny and gunky. What could I give him to help his eye? Do I need to go to the doctors? These appts are impossible to get x
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Could just be a cold in his eyes if he’s had a cold. Conjunctivitis is normally green/yellow gunk and the white of the eye is red but if worried ring the doctors and they should give you an appointment as your baby is under 5 years old x

Pharmacy will be able to give you drops I know it’s random but if you are breastfeeding put a bit of breast milk on the eyes it really does help x

I agree with Sophie put some breasgmilk in our LB had this in one eye I constantly cleaned it with cooled boiled water and put breastmilk in multiple time we went out of hours they said it was conjunctivitis but actually went the next day xx

Thank you all x

I contacted the doctors when my son had this they just recommend warm water and cotton wall but I know others and they’ve prescribed eye drops🤷‍♀️ x

Could indeed just be mucus from his cold coming out of hus eyes (as long as his eyes aren't red). My baby boy had a cold before and had crusty eyes, Dr said all the sinuses are so small that sometimes the cold comes out of their eyes. I think I was given eye drops but it wasn't an eye infection. See the gp or pharmacist to be sure 👍

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