Cutting out soya too?

Did everyone cut out soya as well as dairy? I’ve heard they can be closely linked but the doctor told me I don’t have to cut it out and I should just cut out dairy. I have cut it out so far but it’s in everything so I’m finding it a little hard 😩 but I don’t wanna risk it as my baby’s symptoms are finally getting better
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I would wait until their symptoms have cleared up, then reintroduce soy to your diet and see if they flare up again. If not then you can continue with soy :) that’s what I plan to do. My boy’s symptoms have cleared up but we’ve had some issues with weight gain so I haven’t reintroduced soy yet. There’s a good group on Facebook called ‘breastfeeding with CMPA and other allergies - support group U.K.’ which has lots of helpful posts.

Following this x

My doctor said to. I accidentally had some soya after symptoms had cleared and my baby reacted to it. They're very closely related

I was advised to cut out both dairy and soya as the proteins are really similar and 60% of babies with CMPA also have soya allergies too. I’ve had a slip up with soya and my baby had a reaction.

I’ve been told to cut out soya and eggs too 😩

I've cut dairy and soy, which is real hard for a vegetarian haha. If symptoms disappear, you can then reintroduce soy to check for a reaction. Soy lecithin is fine, that's in quite alot of things but as it's so heavily processed there isn't much of the protein left so most with a soy allergy are fine with it (and I also figured that my body has to process/use some of what's in there first so even less gets into the breastmilk).

@Carys I’m also veggie and feel your pain! Eating out is a nightmare 😓

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