For the last six months my little girl (July 2021) has completely stopped playing with her toys. She loves being outdoors, at the playground, painting, play doh, stickers etc but won’t play with her toys. Having a five month old combined with the constant rain means we’re not going out much at the moment, I don’t feel confident taking both to soft play etc by myself as my little girl wants someone to go in with her and I can’t take the five month old in. She’s starting to rely on tv more and more which is definitely impacting on her mood and bedtime. Lots of temper tantrums if I turn it off, even if I manage to turn it off I can’t always play with her as the baby is needing feeding or putting to sleep so she loses interest within half hour and wants the tv back on again. Are your little ones still interested in toys at the moment? I’ve tried buying different things but she’s not interested, even if I try and engage her. Any ideas for things I could try to make my life a bit easier and so the tv goes off when we can’t get outside? I feel so guilty like I’m failing my toddler by spending all the time with the baby at the moment 😢
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I have the magnetic reusable sticker books this entertains my daughter for ages, she's also over all her toys and doesn't play much with them. I also have a little boy who's now 15 months and I can understand the fear in going out with both, but honestly you'll be surprised how her confidence will grow and they'll just get on with things while you tend to the baby. My LG was the most anxious cautious LO when playing but when I took them to soft play she just got on with it as I told her the slides etc were too big for the baby. Also other older toddlers would be kind and hold her hand etc, if need be put the baby in a carrier as well so you have your hands free I did climb up the climbing frame once with both 😅 but now she just goes off and plays. I'd say it'd be hard to entertain them with toys at this age for longer than 30min as they are naturally inclined to run around and practice new skills. We have a collapsible tent and slide to open up on rainy days and that works as well x

I was in the same position with my little boy with soft play and I decided to take him anyway and he played in the smaller bit fine and I just held baby or rocked her in her pram when she needed a nap. Then I went back with someone and they went on the bigger frame and I just said don’t just help him up show him how to do it himself and after that he was off on his own and was showing all the other kids around the same age how to do it too 😅

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