Vaccination concerns

So my baby had her first vaccination today...she is 5 days short than 2 months and I learnt later today that first vaccination is given after 2 months...should I be concerned here? Also went to take calpol for her and pharmsist said it comes for 2 plus months babies...what should I give her if she gets fever?
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I am in Canada so it's possible the vaccine schedule could be a bit different. However, I don't think that you need to be concerned about the timing, a few days early should be no problem (doctors are fine with it a bit early here). As for fever, my doctor said none of the vaccines for the first set should give baby a fever. If yours does get one, is there a public health line you can call for advice?

As long as the first vaccination is around the 8 week mark it’s fine. Your pharmacist is right that calpol chnaged its rules to fit in with the 8 week vaccinations but a few days difference shouldn’t hurt. If you need urgent medical advice regarding a fever please call 111 and not ask on here.

@Amanda in the UK the babies get the Men B vaccine at 8 weeks which has been shown to give fevers in some babies.

@Lottie ah ok Canada is still a bit behind. That one is elective here and we are getting it at 4 months.

@Lottie @Amanda thanks both...I checked with her health visitor and she has assured that everything is fine and she can be given calpol..I am bit relaxed now...when I wrote this query here I was waiting for her reply but since I couldnot keep calm, I thought of asking here too...

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