Anyone else has Carparal Tunnel Syndrome?

Hi Mamas, I’m 16w pregnant and since 5 days I have acute pain in my both my wrists and thumb. It worsens when I sleep. I looked it up and apparently 31% to 62% of pregnant women have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s so painful that even small tasks like typing on keyboard or tying my hair hurts! 😔 when will this go away? With this pain how will I hold and feed the baby? 😞 any movement of hand causes immense shooting pain. Anyone else who’s experiencing this?
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I'm currently going through this, but I had it prior to pregnancy, and it's getting worse for me. I'm also 16 weeks and 2 days. A friend of mine only had it when she was pregnant.

Hi! I'm a licensed massage therapist and it unfortunately is very normal to have things like carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet syndrome come about while pregnant. A huge relief for my clients has been wearing wrist braces at night and getting massage both throughout your arms, back, and into your neck. I'm sorry you are going through this. It's so uncomfortable. If you can't do anything else do the braces.

I had it before pregnancy but no issues with it causing lack of mobility but with my last it started and got to the point that I couldn’t move my hand if I slept with it bent wrong. It got better after pregnancy and I returned to no issues with it with in a month postpartum but it started back at 6 weeks with this pregnancy and I’m 16w2d and am having mobility issues if bent wrong or I overused or do tedious tasks

I had it with my first pregnancy starting around 24 weeks all the way to delivery. Im dreading getting it again....and praying i dont. It was def very painful, got worst when i slept. I had to sleep sitting up, with braces my last few weeks. I couldnt even hold my cell phone up at times. Chiropractic helped a lot. Massages Ultrasound Braces Im a physical therapist so i had perks of my coworkers massaging me and applying treatments to me, but it was a daily struggle. I was very swollen everywhere. So it tried to lower sad intake a lot I was so worried about holding my baby but After i delivered it just went away

@Julia I never knew it’s common in pregnancy! I just a wrist splint to wear it while sleeping. The pain is nothing like I’ve felt before :(

@Kamari 💛 I feel your pain. I wake up with both my hands in pain :( I’m just hoping it goes away as mysteriously like it randomly came :(

@Mayra I’m seeing a chiro tomorrow. I have been told to reduce my salt intake as well which I don’t know how to do coz I’m Indian and Indian food with less salt is so tricky if I think of it 🫠

Yeah for me it was something very unexpected, i was expecting the back aches, the groin pain but not my hands given out. It was truly a pain in the ass, with the food it was very hard...i tried but the thing that worked the best was the chiro and raising my arms while i sleep with pillows

@Sandy there's nothing quite like that pain! We use our hands literally all day! There is no break until sleep and often people feel worse after sleeping 🥴

My arms and hands go numb and at certain parts of the night it starts throbbing. It’s starting to be where I can’t sleep at night. I have to get up and walk around every 30 mins of the night when it starts throbbing. I have started sleeping elevated and making sure my arms don’t bend keeping them straight. I hope this goes away so I can start sleeping again at night.

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