Looking for iron rich foods

Looking for iron rich foods for baby of 6 months. He seems to be reacting bad to to Gerber cereal. Eczema flare ups. We go back to the doctor today.
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Egg, spinach, broccoli, lentils, tofu, cannellini beans, beef and liver :)

Eggs, beef, and steak!

Chia seeds, red kidney beans, chickpeas, dried fruit like apricots, nuts, fortified cereals

It might feel daunting to make you own baby food but it can be really easy to just chuck something it a blender or food processor for a minute. And I use the big book of organic baby food

@Kate This! So very much! The only thing you need to be careful with is salt and allergens (if you haven't already tested them) I have found just adding broccoli to every evening meal keeps the iron intake my LO has and he has egg most mornings.

Cream of wheat for breakfast is great.

There’s 2 types of iron one is heme and the non heme. Heme is found in meat and is easier for the body to absorb and non heme is found in veg etc which is harder for the to absorb so is best paired with vitamin C.

@Nicola It's why broccoli is such a winner as it has high levels of vitamin C 💚

@Tasha yep I give to my 1 year old nearly everyday. Luckily it’s one of his favourite foods.

Spinach, beetroot, beef, broccoli xx

I would do stuff like: beetroot, carrot and orange purée/homemade ice cream, spinach, broccoli and cheese pasta (big shapes), maybe BLW steak strips? Or if worried maybe in the slow cooker so it’s easier to handle like a mild creamy curry and rice? Xx

Agreed with Bea - if you do give your baby steak, make sure it's in big strips and they'll suck all of the juices out of it! My baby LOVED steak when we gave it to her at 7 months!

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