How does everyone feel about exercise postpartum? I know first month is tough and needs recovery but what if you feel ready ? Anyone on YouTube you recommend to follow ? I’m accustomed to hiit, running and free weights during pregnancy and had a smooth delivery and labor . Thank you
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I did some light exercise before 6 weeks (my mum is a GP and said no reason not to if it felt good). Just remember you have a huge dinner plate sized wound where the placenta was, so it’s better to err on the side of caution and do low impact stuff to start out. I just did some gentle Zumba movements while rocking baby, she seemed to like it.

From personal experience I’d say that your body is different now and might not respond as you remember. Ligaments might still be on the soft side too. Give yourself more time to stretch and warm up. Wait until doctor says it’s ok.

Do some pelvic floor physical therapy and breathing work first! Jessica Valent Pilates has some pelvic floor videos. Girls Gone Strong has some connection breath videos that are helpful too! Both on YouTube. If you can see a pelvic floor physical therapist in person that would be best. But YouTube helps too.

Just do some light yoga and stretching. It’ll help with that itch. But don’t overdo it. Take it easy.

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