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I’d like some emotional support somehow. Just want to know everything okay. Had to stop my anti depressants 2 weeks ago and I’m now 7 weeks 2 days pregnant. I can’t stop worrying. Any ideas ? x
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Was there a reason why you had to stop taking them? I suffer with depression and anxiety and still on my medication. Reach out to the doctors, I’m sure they’ll have another option for you that will help. Also it’s so nerve wracking through the first trimester, you don’t exactly know a lot and just want baby to be healthy, I’m here if you need to chat, sending love xx

Is there a reason you stopped? If it’s because of the baby in on fluoxetine and it’s completely safe during pregnancy my lovely. Sending hugs

Same as the girls above I suffer from depression and anxiety and took my antidepressants throughout my first pregnancy and am continuing to do so for my second. Are you being supported by the perinatal mental health team? I found them very helpful the first time round and they put my anxiety at ease around the medication impacting baby xx

Perhaps if you have a private scan to find out the baby is doing well that may help with your worrying

If you’re able to, I’d go back on your medication

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