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Does anyone feel like their pregnancy is just out Of their control and like they are falling between the cracks in the system? I had a very complicated first pregnancy and this was in Weston super Mare/Bristol. I had a very good team I was kept up to date on everything. Had a book with all my notes. It wasn’t stress free due to the nature of it but it was as stress free as the process could be. This time round I’ve moved back to Peterborough where I’m from and it’s like the opposite. I live between two counties so I’m having midwife stuff in Corby and at Peterborough hospital for consultants and scans. They work off different systems and both seem to think each other should be doing this not them. I’m 12 weeks Sunday and not had my booking bloods yet :/ midwives said we’ll ask the hospital to do it, they said they’ve not got a request and it’s no their responsibility it should be midwives etc. I’ve got GD again which I know from home testing but neither team will diagnose me they just keep batting me to each other saying they need to refer. Also got a history of liver and thyroid issues was told they need to monitor me for it throughout pregnancy. Managed to beg EPU to do a blood for it whilst having a scan yesterday. Results are abnormal already and been told oh probably your normal GP. But they said to go to maternity place as it’s hormone related 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Don’t have access to any of my notes or results. Feel totally out of control and so stressed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. (Sorry for long rant. Already ranted at husband and hasn’t cleared up the stress/anguish) xx
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Hey, im in Corby and believe the midwife should request the bloods. I had my first midwife appointment on 9th May and had one lot of bloods and then they gave me a form to take with me to my 12 week scan where they take a different set of bloods. I’d give your midwife a call x

@Natasha yeah she said they would do If I was at Kettering but cos I opted for Peterborough hospital (it’s closer and I work in Peterborough so apts are much closer etc) they’d ask them to do them. This i get but they keep saying they’ve not had them and the midwives are saying they’ve sent them. It’s not any individual it’s just cos I’m between the both I think things are getting missed. I’m not sure where these referrals are going that the midwives are doing but they keep saying they’ve not got them and then I have to chase up both sides and I’m still no further 😂🤦‍♀️. I’ve calmed down now tbh. I was just having a proper stressed moment earlier lol xx

Bless you, if you still don’t get anywhere see if you can get a direct email from the hospital where the referrals should be sent and then give that to the midwife and ask them to confirm the day and time once they’ve sent it. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this stress! ☹️ xx

@Natasha thank you ❤️. I hope yours is going smoother 🤞🏻❤️. Tbh I’ve got my 12 week scan Thursday so hopefully can get a lot of it sorted then. I mean everyone I’ve spoke to has been lovely and trying to help etc. Just haven’t managed to get it sorted xx

@Hannah fingers crossed for you! Mines not been too bad thankfully. Got my 12 week scan beginning of June so just counting down to that 😂 xx

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