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How old were your little ones when you first introduced food? What were the sort of foods that you tried first?
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Mine was 5.5months. He was eating mango straight from the fruit as his first taste. Then I gave him carrots. He never took to purées so I was giving him my food off my plate by the time he got to 6 months and he tried everything. I learned he was allergic to shellfish at this point too

Did you give raw carrot or cooked carrots? My LO is 5 months and gags on porridge!

I gave my little boy some banana to try a couple of weeks before he turned 6 months, but waited until 6 months to give him anything else.

I'm planing to start Rafe on some baby porridge (which are 4 months +) I can't contain my excitement so hoping he's ready to by that time, if not then I'll wait longer. Xxx

We started on baby porridge at 4.5 months which she is seeming to like more now times gone on. We’ve given a bit of Greek yogurt too which she loves. I’m really scared of giving whole foods so should I just stick to blending it all for now?

It was cooked for sure, you can give raw if you plan to blend it up into a purée anyway but I imagine it won’t be as smooth as cooked. Are you making the porridge as loose as possible? Almost so it’s just like thick milk to start with? If not give that a try first because they are just getting use to textures and some can be really triggering, my son would refuse porridge full stop at that age simply because of the texture! Never gagged until 10 months simply because he refuses to put certain textures in his mouth🤦🏽‍♀️

Also they really don’t recommend weaning before 6 months, only in certain circumstances would they recommend it. For my son he weaned earlier firstly because he helped himself and secondly because he had eczema and was prone to allergies which they say to wean earlier for. Some babies physically are not ready until much later though

6 months. He has banana porridge. He’s tried sweet potato. Weetabix with full fat milk.. Greek yoghurt and mashed banana is a hit. So far so good. Any other ideas would be great dip as I’m struggling too?

Please don’t rush it x unless there’s a medical reason for needing to wean early, their little digestive systems just aren’t ready for it. I know it’s exciting to see them exploring food but it’s not worth the potential digestive issues it can cause later in life! Just wait till 6 months. There’s no need to rush.

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