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I am currently having my 6th miscarriage, I've always tried to be strong and get through it. Only this time i feel hopeless, and i don't know how to keep going through this time and time again. I am a mess and I'm struggling to be there for my other 2 children I honestly want to give up right now. The pain each time of loosing our baby's, very much wanted babys that i will never have. I have so many feeling but also am numb. How do i keep going.
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Hey, I’m so sorry for all your losses. I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling. How much you feel like your body has been failing you. You must feel very disconnected from your body. Because I know I did. Still do. Maybe go talk to somebody about how you really feel. It can help. Also, maybe look for other ways to have a child maybe get a surrogate if you can or adoption or another way. I’m so sorry.

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