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Hi Just asking the top test is ovulation am I ovulating Or is there a line on pregnancy one at bottom
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pic is quite blurry but i can’t see anything on bottom test sorry

@megan am I ovulating

it’s hard to tell have you been doing them every day to compare to others?

@megan not really

It looks like you are near or just over the peak of ovulation. I’d get jiggy!

@Yog tmi but extremely moist down below today x

It could be close to ovulation or after I will continue testing twice a day to watch the progression If it goes away the test line You probably was At the end of your ovulation Just baby dance and see if you can catch it It's not gonna hurt And if it gets darker Keep testing and if it starts pulling color from the control line You can test first response just to see if it's triggering pregnancy if not it could be ovulation peak Since you're not really tracking your cycle You pretty much have to go with the flow either way

@Ashley thank you xx

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