My 8.5 month old has been having no issues taking his bottles (formula fed) until late last week and this week. Most days he does completely fine and gets his normal amount of ounces. However, he’s been fighting his bottles at daycare recently. He still ends up drinking his normal amount by the end of the day but it’s been a struggle. Last night he got less total ounces than normal and when he woke up at 11, we saw that he had puked all over himself at some point and his crib sheet was soaked. My husband thinks that maybe he gagged on some of his spit up and then just ended up puking it all up. He’s still fighting his bottles this morning at home and at daycare. We have an appt scheduled for tomorrow with his doctor but, has anyone else gone through this and everything is ok????
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My son is 8 months old and refuses his bottle sometimes but I think it’s because he wants real food. We started 2 meals a day with him a few weeks ago and started noticing that sometimes we will make him a bottle and he will push it away but then eat fruit instead if we give it to him. If you started him on solids maybe this is why? Or maybe he is ready to start. As for the puking I’m not sure but I hope all is well and the doctor says he’s okay!

Thank you. We usually give him just dinner but we haven’t the past couple nights because he’s been fighting bottles and we want to make sure he gets his formula before he gets solids. Although that does make me wonder if he just doesn’t want his bottle and he wants real food.

Also my son would occasionally spit up (at least every day) and I noticed since we started with solids he literally hasn’t thrown up at all! Maybe because it’s heavier and sticking to him? I’m not quite sure but it seems to be doing him good

If he goes to daycare... maybe a stomach bug... very frequent.. he will be ok.

He hasn’t puked since and we actually think he’s teething now. We’ve given him some meds and it’s helped him a lot and he’s starting to drink more again 💕

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