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Anyone having elevated blood pressure that elevates & descends all day long? My doctors won’t do anything unless they catch it at 140/90 and stays at that rate. And I just feel terrible because my blood pressure is normally around 100/60. This morning it was 133/94. Still 7 points shy of having to go in so I just walk around my house with sunglasses for today and suffer.
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@India yeah I’ve tried that too. They are worse than my doctors honestly

Look into magnesium taurate my midwife said me for to take it and it helps lower and regulate bp also using Celtic salt and upping protein my bp has been regulated since doing so

@Jade I will try the Celtic salt. But I do everything else too.

@India salt intake, calories, protein, sugar everything is being monitored. Nothing food wise is helping sadly

I am having the exact same issue. The ER was a waste of my time. My BP has never been over 100 in my whole life and it’s about 131 lately. My legs, feet, hands, and face are swollen also. My doctor said salt has nothing to do with my swelling. It’s due to pregnancy hormones 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like I’ll have to be on the brink of death before they take me serious. I can feel something off with my body. I can barley walk because my feet are so swollen. Are you swollen also?

@Gabriella I’m not as swollen as I was last pregnancy when I had the same thing. I’m going to my primary doctor to run blood pressure test today to see if I can get a high number on record so they will take me seriously

@Rylie good luck 💕

Yes mines also does this But if it’s not 140/90 then your fine it’s a lot of things that can cause it to go up try not to stress about it that can make it elevate also are you overweight because I am and that’s why it’s a little elevated but I have no protein in my urine it’s check once a week so there’s no risk to the baby eating lots of protein and regulating stress will help

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