Hey! Anyone have patience for not great players and wanna play fortnite? I keep my mic on but you will hear my kiddos lol My psn is jaylo666 Fornite name is spooky_mamaFDM
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I’m down to play Fortnite sometime today ! I’m not the best either atleast with aiming lol

I'm down Queenraze

@Ryleigh my issue lmao .. ill be on later! Currently I'm procrastinating all of my responsibilities for the day lol

@Jenna yes lol

Yess! I mostly play nights (8pm) once my son goes to sleep if that's alright with you! my fortnite name is vampirekittyx3

Mee I'll try to get on later this evening my name is mamiidearest on fortnite

Mitchymarie1 is my epic and Xbox name

I'm horrible at game but would love to join! I'm ChaosStorm13 I'm on most days & weekends as well

@Lilly I'm down!

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