Help! New to combi-feeding

I have started giving baby some formula today as though he breast feeds really well, it can go on for the entire day and night, and this week my sanity has really been tested. He’s also losing weight despite how much he feeds so we are now under paeds. My question is….. at 18 days old, but first day of formula, how many millilitres would he be expected to take per feed, if it is a bottle-only feed? Also, if he takes the breast first and is a top-up, would this change the amount of formula? Sorry, new to this and it’s an unexpected change of feeding plan so feeling a bit confused by it all!
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We occasionally use formula for our breastfed girl. We only ever make 3oz if we use the formula. Sometimes she'll take the full 3oz Sometimes she'll only take 1oz. I always start her on the breast before offering a bottle just to make sure my milk keeps coming in. It really does just depend on how hungry she gets. If she starts to slow down on the bottle we take her off and burp her and offer the bottle again but she doesn't always want the last bit of it. I hope this helps

@Ebony Thank you, that’s helpful x

@Holly no worries. I think no matter how you feed its always a journey

We have for about a week now at bedtime been doing both breasts then a top up of 2oz which seems to be working well, we did put 3oz in a bottle yesterday and he didn’t want it, just took the 2oz. If you pace feed (have a look at it if you haven’t) you can follow their lead and see when / if they want more or not x

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