College Classes while Pregnant

Hello to my fellow mamas! I’m 33, FTM and due in November. Before we found out we were expecting, I agreed with my boss to pursue a Master’s degree in the fall, starting in September. He feels strongly that I should take at least 1 class, just to get a feel for it - even with being 7 months pregnant when school starts. I am trying to convince myself that 1 class a week is feasible, but want to hear some of your stories. Has anyone done this and succeeded? I keep thinking with being out on maternity leave, I would have time to study between feedings after birth - and my work is flexible, my hybrid schedule has turned into a mostly WFH schedule since first trimester symptoms started - I definitely feel supported at my work, but again….please share your experiences!! Thank you!!!!!
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I was taking two classes this past semester (my school does 8 week courses.) I stopped in time to give birth 3 May. And my classes started back up 15 May. I’ve got a newborn and a 17 month old. It’s definitely tasking granted I’m not working at as well. But I try to get as much as I can done earlier than the deadlines so if I’m extra tired or the kids are being more needy than usual I have time to flex cause I’ve gotten my assignments done. My husband is also super supportive so that helps. Seems like you’ll have a great support system so I think one class is a great starting point

@Khyia thank you! I needed to hear this. Also congrats on your recent birth!

@Maria you’re welcome, you can do this! And thank you.

I think it depends on what you’re studying. Are you taking calculus? Then no you don’t have time. Are you taking psychology? Then maybe you do have time. For example, if simply reading is enough of studying then you can maybe do it. But if you’ll need to spend hours writing or practicing something to pass the class then it might be too big of a challenge. Personally I was so exhausted postpartum that I typically was sleeping while my son was also sleeping. He also had to nurse constantly, even while sleeping, so I wasn’t free to sit at a computer either. I did find that I could read a kindle while nursing, so I often did that. I nursed in a recliner and have a local handmade pillow from my lactation consultant/Modest Mum: Unlike other breastfeeding pillows, this one isn’t just a flat place they can roll off of. It’s moldable and firm so I could just tuck it up against baby and be handsfree

I delivered last fall during the semester, still had a 3.7 gpa- my professors were super understanding; a couple allowed me to work ahead to prepare and the other two waived late penalties as long as everything was in by end of semester. Just be upfront!

I went back to school at 30, finished undergrad pregnant, did my masters with an infant and pregnant again. All while working full time. Takes a lot of work and a really strong support system. For me, it was worth it.

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