I’m undecided on whether I’m going to take a sweep next week but would you recommend I went to my appointment with someone to drive me home? I’m not sure how sore/if I’ll be comfortable enough to drive afterwards
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I had a sweep yesterday and drove myself home after, I did have some really intense contractions immediately after and felt rather sore for the rest of the night but depending on your distance you should be okay x

@Jerina thank you, would be so much easier if I went myself rather than bringing my husband and toddler 🙈

I’ve got mine tomorrow morning and I’m dragging my husband 🙈🤣

I felt sore and could have driven myself home but my partner came with me as I didn’t feel comfortable how I would be after it.. sometimes they can accidentally break your waters too. Rate but you never know if that’s gonna be you or not x

I had one this evening, and went on my own afterwards I did a shop round Asda and drove the twenty minutes home. I was already a bit crampy before I had it and have been having pains/tightenings for the last two nights anyway so I felt it was pretty manageable

Mine was fine, I got straight on the bus to work after! I could definitely have driven, but if you’re nervous maybe take someone for a bit of support if nothing else x

I drove home and then went for a run after! And it worked too- I think any impact is unlikely to be immediate though?

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