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Im breastfeeding but looking to introduce a bottle of formula in the evening before bed. Whats the best way to do this? Do I breastfeed then offer a couple of ounces ? Or just give like a 5oz bottle? Baby is 10 weeks
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I breast feed both sides then Dad gives him 2oz formula, we pace feed and he never wants more than that. He is currently feeding / on the boob from around 5pm so not sure how much is actually in there come 8pm bedtime 😅 I offer both breasts first so it’s not so much of an impact on my supply but totally up to you whether you want to bfeed first or just offer formula x

Also looking for guidance, following

We’ve been breastfeeding then offering a couple oz. Most she’ll take after about 10-15 min on the boob is 2 oz. Helps her sleep through the night a little better

You can do as you please. We are giving a bottle of my milk now (previously we were giving formula) before bed, I simply express daily and put milk in the fridge, then when I need it put it in a bottle, warm up and ready to be given. Full bottle, you can do the same with only formula. If you want to breastfeed, add a small amount of formula in a bottle not a full amount of course

Totally upto you! My son is breastfed but has 1 bottle per day at night time, around 9pm before going to sleep for the night (he wakes usually 2/3am and I breastfeed) Hes 9 weeks and will take 5oz but I’m thinking of upping to 6oz.

We do extra hungry formula at night to help her sleep better, but my midwife told me that if you’re offering breast and bottle in the same feed you should always end with the breast so they associate the breast with being full and satisfied still 😊 I had never thought of it like that until then!

My LG tends to feed very frequently in the evening so I give one side then formula then let her fall asleep on the other side. However if she wasn't feeding frequently I'd probably prefer to give both breasts prior to bottle to make sure she's clearing enough milk from me (paranoid of a repeat bout of mastitis!) This is because she tends to sleep a 5/6hr stretch after last feed. It's really down to preference and how baby takes milk. I'd perhaps start off with a small amount of formula- you can always increase it up.

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