Family court ?

Anyone ever have to deal with family court? If so how was it like super stressful ? What to look for ? Did you have a lawyer? Did you win full custody or they made it visits etc? My child will be 2 so I know they try to make it be a co parent thing but it’s just not working he is a narcissist and won’t leave me alone …I also have an order of protection but I take her to the visits ☹️ o and I’m in Illinois
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It’s so sad but they will do visits and cater to the dad. They barely grant enough child support. Lawyers help but I feel that if the dad is in the picture they grant 50/50 unless there is abuse and etc.

He has history of domestic I have police reports etc he not really involved he has visits on Sundays 12-4 unstable anger issues etc not to make him sound bad but he keep taking things to far and trying to control me and I had enough I’m fine either way setting something up for visit but they need to be supervised!!!

I'm in Canada. I just won full custody. Yes it's very hard but not impossible. It's all about evidence courts only care about physical evidence. Can I ask how you are taking her to visits if you have an order of protection? Here you wouldn't be able to as you need to keep a certain distance and if you did it would void the order so just curious. Also if you have any questions just message me I know it might be different there but if I can help in any way I happy too. To answer your questions tho yes it was super stressful but worth it in the end and I did have a lawyer. It was through legal aid

Yes I went through a divorce high conflict and custody battle it took a year. I did have an amazing lawyer would not have gotten through it without him. After probably 30 motions we went to trial and she saw right through him I got full custody but he had parenting time. He ghosted and year later went back and had his parenting time revoked was able to finally move out of state. Just save proof and read the state law of parenting decisions factors and make your case off them. Abuse to you does not weigh as heavy as things like why and how they are an unfit parent. Meditation is a waste with a narc.

@Sarah yes I will message u soon !!!! Thank you

@Sarah but yes that’s why I been so confused cuz it give him that time to still see me feel like he can talk to me etc and we been getting along but I do It mainly because I take her to visits so I want to keep it cordial so he won’t be trying to flip out etc

@Lara yes when I got the order of protection they mention that and I was like yea no he tried to play a role in court and u was like wow

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