So my blood pressure has been reading high the past few weeks. I’m 28 weeks today. Which had in turn caused my baby to be in a lower percentile. My doctor mentioned preeclampsia today. Can anyone offer their experience with this? What did you do? How was your birthing experience? How far along were you when you gave birth? How is your baby today? Anything would be helpful.. needing some peace of mind. Thanks ❤️
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I got diagnosed with preeclampsia at 31 weeks and from then on I was at hospital 3 times a week for baby’s monitoring, blood pressure profiles and blood tests. I was put on medication to control my blood pressure and I started induction at 37+1. Took over a full day for me to progress with the gels but had baby second night I was there as reached 5cm so they could break my waters. From breaking my waters to her coming out wasn’t even an hour. They may offer you an induction with the sweep beforehand to try and bring labour on naturally. My LG is in 2% percentile but that doesn’t stop her from doing anything hitting all her milestones at 10 months

@Kara what is LG? Also she’s still measuring a bit small? Do they say she will catch up?

Little girl. She’s still small I’d say size of a 6 month old now but has been growing quite fast past couple months so definitely starting to catch up

@Kara thanks so much! Praying for you all and her continued growth!

Do what you can to reduce blood pressure, stay away from salty things and cafine but we are lucky enough to have opinions to keep you and baby safe just listen to your doctor!

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