Anyone else just struggling to eat?

I am almost 8 weeks and I don’t know how people are eating 6 meals a day and drinking enough water. I work back to back meetings and can barely use the bathroom before I have to get to the next one! What do you do to keep your nutrition up and stay hydrated?
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10w and really struggling with the will to eat. I would recommend things like high calorie snack bars or smoothies with protein powder and etc. Those have helped me

Oh I get that. Work can be nuts. Agree with having good sense quick options I can microwave or pull out of a drawer. My water bottles are enormous so I can drink enough without getting up. I tell me I need breaks during calls cause I can’t think if I have to pee

I’m in the US. I’m working with a prenatal dietician and she recommends 6 small meals vs 3 large to help with nausea and bloating. I have like 6 water bottles that I cycle with during the day but it still doesn’t feel like enough. I’m trying to eat more whole meals that are protein fat and carb which proves to be pretty hard during the day. Also I forget when I get focused on work.

@Lisa We are told to eat small portions and many times a day not 3 big meals more like 6 or more small meals even if it’s just a piece of toast, It helps from getting nauseous and uncomfortable with to big of meals.

Smoothies have been my go to! Lots of ice, the colder the better. Regarding hydration; I always carry a water bottle anywhere I go. Work will always be there, the meetings will always be there, take your breaks. I know what you mean, I’m working full time and have the same problem, but I am putting myself 1st.

Have you had any cravings? If you have I'd say eat them! I found that I feel 10x better when I eat what I'm craving. I was feeling bad about it because I basically just want cheesy, salty beef and potatoes but when I try to add healthier things like fruit or something I don't feel as well. This preganancy is wild for me because that's literally all I can stomach. Hopefully it's just the first trimester lol

I have a snack bag and a snack bin in my car. I have all sorts of stuff in there. I have have straw cups for in-service/meets and water bottles for all the other times. As for when I eat, other than when I'm in-service/face to face with a client, I eat whenever. That has helped dramatically with nausea. So far, as long as I act like it's normal it has been fine. It wouldn't have been unreasonable to need to pee and snack throughout your day before. Now, being pregnant, you really do need to feel comfortable smashing it into your day somehow. It honestly sounds like you're struggling more with feeling comfortable pushing for the acceptance of these needs in your work environment. You got this.

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