Stretch marks

I have such bad stretch marks on my legs and I hate it :( I try to enjoy it but they are so big and so many take up the whole back of my legs :(
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They will get smaller and lighter after ❤️

i’m the same you’re not alone x

I’m so scared to wear dresses n shorts this summer now c

i’ve been wearing long dresses mainly but some of my dresses don’t cover them all, just remember that most people won’t even notice them at the end of the day, they should start to fade after delivery anyways x

I’m exactly the same :( it’s really getting me down too now summer is approaching! I’ve been using the expert midwife stretch mark stuff every day but I’m sure they’ll get better with time x

I got really terrible stretch marks all down my legs with my first daughter. They're still deep but much less noticeable now because the pigment has faded. I tend to disguise mine with fake tan and keep well moisturized. Don't worry they fade ☺️ x

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