Anyone else binge watched Bridgerton?

Omg I just watched it all today I didn’t plan too but I could not stop now I have to wait a month for the second half! 🤣
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Hate that the second half isn’t until June 😭 almost feel like waiting till it’s all out so I can binge

@Sabinha no watch honestly so good!

@sophie-alice I love your snacks! I had Pringles and grapes🤣 it was soo good wasn’t it!

@Francesca I think I Deffiently went a little OTT.. I may of worn a beautiful Bridget themed dress too! Xxx

@sophie-alice omg I’m jealous lol I need picture of the dress! Xx

@sophie-alice ooooh you look so pretty!! X

@Francesca thank-you loverly 🤍

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