Hi ladies

Is it bad that I’m 11 weeks n eating takeaway all the time
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not at all, obviously you need to look after yourself and your baby but all through my first and the middle of my second all i did was eat take out because everything else was so 🤢.

Yes that’s how I’m feeling

As long as you’re eating that’s the main thing! I could barely stomach anything other than sweets but something is better than nothing!

no, first trimester i could really not cook as my nausea was so bad, i was throwing up literally everything, and if i smelt any meat, onion, garlic, id puke straight away. lol. my diet was awful and definitely consisted of junk mainly maccies,pizza, coca cola, dry crackers, ginger biscuits,lemonade as those were the main things i could keep down without throwing up lol. now im 19 weeks and not throwing up so much maybe once a week but now im okay to eat everything i could before without being nauseous and trying my best to be healthy. you will be fine🥰😘

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