Going home after birth alone

I live alone, & babies father isn’t involved. My mum lives in France but is booked to come over from the 5th of June until the 23rd and my due date is the 9th of June. If my baby was to come before my mum was able to be here, I’m full term from Sunday, I’m assuming someone would need to take me home from hospital however am I ok to live alone as soon as she’s born? My dad was working away when I was born and they wouldn’t let my mum be at home with me at home alone for the first few days but not sure if this is still the case
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Have you any friends, sisters? That can stay with you x

Not sure on the actual rules but I stayed in for 3 nights with my baby because she came early and it was quite useful for me to get help and ask all the questions to the professionals while I was in & get help with feeding etc. I was lucky to have my own room, so wasn't disturbed much by the other babies at least!xx

@Sophie Jones my closest friend will be able to take me home but she has 3 children of her own so wouldn’t be able to stay with me

@Natasha I don’t mind staying longer if medically needed but if the only reason they are keeping us in is due to living alone I’d rather be comfortable and back home 🤣

Yeah I bet they would let you go home cos you have the midwives come and see you at home a few days after anyway so they can check you're settling in at home together 💕

No one needs to take you home from the hosp, unless you have a C-section and can't drive etc

Midwife comes out next day. They legally cant make you stay in. With c section you may need someone a couple nights. I had my mum and had to call her in room in middle of night to help me get out of bed. I also stayed in hospital 3 nights

Thanks all ☺️☺️

I did it on my own x

I was in hospital for a week after my daughter was born but when I went home they were happy for me to be on my own, my sister offered to stay but I just wanted to get used to being alone as that was what it was going to be like anyway so may as well start as I mean to go on, think my family thought I was crazy but I preferred it like that!

I did it on my own too. I had my LO on Monday and self discharged on the Wednesday after a bad C section because my mam was flying back to Ireland on the Thursday and I knew I’d have no one to help get me home carrying everything. Mid wife came the next day and knew I was on my own and nothing was said on it. I didn’t have a case worker etc or anything and tbh I had to chase them down to be involved with check ups etc. So I can’t foresee you having any issues taking your little one home alone or being alone with them from the get go. ( unless of corse there’s mental health problems etc. they might check in more to make sure you and baby are doing ok )

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