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I'm feeling unhappy today because I went to a new play group this morning for the first time which is in the same building as Ella's nursery and I was made to feel so unwelcome. I didn't even get greeted on the way in by any members of staff (I assume this is voluntary work?) manners cost nothing though... and I felt like I was being judged by all the older mums because I look young 😒 I have a good judge of character, so know I'm not overthinking it. From time to time you get this and it actually pisses me off how some mothers just stay in their little cliques and make no effort with you or your children. Like as if they're better than you 🤮 That's even sitting next to me (when they didn't need to be near me)😒 Makes me not want to go again... This is why I prefer being out in the parks etc... Moan over 🙃 Today's been the longest day as I had all that this morning and don't finish work until 10pm tonight 😱 One burnt out mama over here 😴
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Some people are arseholes 😢 sorry you had to experience that!! On another note, where is your buggy board from please? ❤️

Big hugs lovely. I went to a new sensory play group just before Oliver was 2. It was absolutely awful. It was for 0-5 Yr old, so most with new borns or bit younger than Oliver. Oliver found it overwhelming so acted up and they were all just super unwelcoming or lack of understanding as weren't at toddler stage. Oliver used to pinch other people's drinks or go for dummies, one mother laughed and said that's not your dody and turned her back on him. I left and never went back. Balled my eyes out. You learn and move on. Sorry they made you feel that way. You're amazing xx

I took vienna to a party and one mum and the host spoke briefly too me. I was ignored by the rest, all the kids go to the same nursery but vienna was one of the youngest/only started there in September so hasn't been invited to many parties yet. Obvs they all knew each other which is fine but i felt like a spare part!

I avoid playgroups like the plague, I've never been to one and I can tell you now I never will. We go to sensory classes and nurture classes that we pay for and not a single person is stuck up. I've never felt so welcomed in my lift I have extreme resting bitch face and people tend to avoid me 🤣

I know what you mean I still get it now and it was awful when I started to childmind cos people looked at my baby face assumed all these young babies were mine and made me feel so unwelcome (still get it when we go somewhere new) with my own children it just stopped me taking them places, I try not to judge anyone before I’ve had a chat and got to know them a bit but not everyone’s like that! Now I’m a minder I just ignore the haters and think I now have a waiting list full of unborn babies so I must be doing something well!

@Chloe look around, you may be able to get one cheaper or second hand 😊 xx

@Hayley thank you!! ❤️❤️

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