Am I being over protective?

Basically I only let my son (only child and nearly 2) stay at my mums house and that’s only been twice since he’s been born. My mother in law has asked if he can stay over hers one night soon and I replied saying unfortunately I don’t let him do sleepovers but I’ve just realised she probably knows my son slept at my mums house in march. She’s a lovely lady and has raised three boys herself. One of which lives with her on the weekend . He is in YR7 and is a bit of a handful and I don’t trust him with my son on his own. He’s very heavy handed and has said questionable things and asked for him to sleep over from when my baby was 2 weeks old. He doesn’t understand he’s fragile and a baby not for entertaining. My mother in law always lets her sons friends and neighbours come waltzing through the house whenever they want. The door is unlocked She has had really questionable boyfriends in the past and I don’t know who she’s seeing now. Her house isn’t baby safe and she doesn’t keep an eye on my baby when we’re over she lets him wander off and tells me to stop worrying following him about. And also tells me to stop checking onmy son when he’s left with her 11 year old. I don’t think babies should be left unsupervised with other children truthfully but that’s only my opinion. Do you think I’m over thinking?
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He’s your child and you make the decisions based on his best interests. Your the mum ❤️

Nope my little one has stayed over at no one’s house and I don’t intend her to until she’s about 4, your baby your rules 🙂

You are tottaly right! I wouldn't let my precious toddler with nobody like that

Thank you everyone. Thankfully my partner is supportive of my decision and hasn’t told me otherwise.

So many red flags here. I think listen to your gut

I don't think you're in the wrong at all. Our son didn't sleep out until mid march when I was seriously ill in hospital and my parents ended up having him almost a week. This was just because I didn't want him to sleep out, my own insecurities after having to leave him in NICU and go home, I know he's safe there and he goes while we are at work during the day but staying over was something I just wasn't ready for. I couldn't imagine leaving him with family in your situation and I wouldn't be pressured into it.

The funny thing is she doesn’t see my baby very often. We work full time till gone 6pm and she is part time. My sons in nursery. She doesn’t like driving to ours even though it’s 20 minutes away and always expects us to go to her. She finished work at 2pm in the afternoon and doesn’t make the effort to come and see us on the weekend she doesn’t have her son because “she doesn’t want to upset him”. So it’s limited to every other weekend. Most of the time I make plans in advance and I don’t always hold every other weekend free for her entertainment. So she probably has only met my son average 10 times.I’ve offered for her to come over mine in the evening but she makes a big deal about getting home for bed for 8pm and she doesn’t like driving in the dark. When she’s off on a Monday I used to ask her to do things with us but she’d make up excuses.I Just can’t win with her really. I don’t want to upset her, I think she is a gentle natured woman but I also think sometimes she’s oblivious.

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