Unprotected sex

Hey lovelies, I’m 27 and mum of 2 boys, the youngest is only 15 months old so obviously not planning to get pregnant so I started to use bbt with natural cycles to prevent pregnancy. We’ve done pull out on the day before and on the day of ovulation, then unprotected sex 3 days after ovulation. Pull out has always worked for us but wondering if there’s any risk of unprotected sex 3 on dpo?
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unprotected as in he came in you? my boyfriend and i do the pull out method and track my cycle, i’d be nervous if he didn’t pull out whether i was near ovulation time or not

I’d avoid sex all around during the ovulation period. My first was a pull out accident & I tracked my cycle pretty well

Yeah done pull out the day before and on day of ovulation but pull out has always worked. But I’m scared that came inside 3 days after ovulation, is there still a risk?

Yes there is still a risk especially if you aren’t 100% perfect at tracking. The egg lives in your body up to 48 hours so if you possibly mistracjed & were 2 days post ovulation instead of 3 then you’re still fertile

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