Has anyone had really itchy skin on back, chest and hips? I have no rash just really itchy and it’s driving me mad! I just asked pharmacy if there is anything they could recommend but they have advised me to ring GP in morning. Just unsure if I can take anti allergy tablets etc?
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Hey for some reason this came up in my feed. My baby was born Dec 2023 but I remember when I was pregnant this time last year I had the worst itching in my first trimester. I had to swap all my soaps out to sensitive. But I’d get the most intense itching on my feet during the night and I couldn’t sleep at all I’d be stood with them under the cold tap in the bath 😂 I had to take a few antihistamines but the GP said they aren’t really recommended in pregnancy and to take it at my own distraction and only if desperate. I’d definitely book in with gp as they may be able to prescribe a cream that’s safe to use x

Mines all over my back, chest and my legs are the worst!! My dr prescribed me dermacool it’s a menthol cream and it does help a bit xx

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